Who We Are

"I am committed to giving you peace of mind by providing comprehensive legal services."


Jennifer Shelton

Attorney at Law

Peace of mind can come in many different forms.  I believe that knowing that you have an estate plan in place should something happen to you is a fundamental building block of that peace.

Further, I believe that knowing that you have the help of a person familiar with the ins and outs of a confusing probate legal system allows you to focus on what is important to you, rather than on what your next step should be in a court of law.

I worked in the Siskiyou County Superior Court for 10 years.  My familiarity with the court system translates into concrete, practical advice to you.  I want to convert your desires into workable   solutions - provide you with peace of mind.

I enjoy meeting people, learning their stories and finding the solution that will be the best fit for who they are and what they want.